Welcome to the magic skyscraper where giraffes are neighbours to fairies. To travel between the floors, you'll be using a hot air balloon - but to succeed, you'll have to use your substraction and addition skills. This educational game is a great way for younger kids to master that nasty 'jump to the nex ten' trick.
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Flying on a hot air balloon with a parrot?!

Welcome to the magical house with magical residents: a starry-eyed fairy, a charming princess, a few curious giraffes, and other magic characters. Each resident occupies their own floor, and use a big hot air balloon instead of the elevator. The players will use this balloon to move from floor to floor in the course of the game.

The set includes several types of cards, all with wonderful illustrations. Children love to contemplate the houses and their residents, and their colorful images stay with them for a long time. 

In the course of an exciting journey, the players learn to add and subtract in their heads and master addition and subtraction in tens.

Let’s start the tour

Two cards are set on the board: one Balloon card and one Floor card, which tells the players where they are. The balloon moves everyone up or down a certain number of floors.

Each player has six cards, and the objective of each turn is to get rid of them. Taking a turn, the player places the Floor cards into the corresponding deck on the table, either staying on the same floor or moving up and down in accordance with the number specified on the Balloon card. Balloon cards may be put on the table at any moment during one’s turn. A new Balloon card sets new game provisions. Whoever discards all of his cards, gets a star!

Playing with younger children (4 and up), you can simplify the game by using only the Floor cards. In this version of the game, the players memorize ascending and descending order of numbers. To make the game harder, add the Balloon cards that move 1, 2, or 3 floors as well as a number of special cards to make the game more exciting: this version is for players aged 6 and older. The extended version of the game includes more challenging Balloon cards and Night cards, which can be played at any moment of the game. This version is very dynamic and exciting and will be suitable both for the older children (8+ years) and for adults.

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