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It takes less than a minute to explain the Frui10 rules. Despite its simple mechanism, the number of this game’s fans is growing with each day.

  • 7+ 9+
  • 7 min
  • Mathematics, Addition and subtraction
  • 2-5 players
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  • Grab tens of bananas!

    Put the deck of round cards face-up in the middle of the table – this is a storehouse with colorful pears, bananas, pineapples, and strawberries. The players turn into sneaky raccoons and hedgehogs whose objective is to steal from the storehouse as many pieces of fruit as possible. While selecting fruit on the basis of their type or color, you need to find a number on your card and a number on the storehouse card which make a total of exactly 10 (there’s room for 10 items in the bag). It goes without saying that it should be done as fast as possible!

    Frui10 Box

    Fun for everyone!

    This game is designed to develop speed addition skills, alertness and concentration, and it won’t leave anyone indifferent! The rules offer several versions of the game, which can be really easy or rather challenging.

    For instance, in the version called “three fifteen,” players have to make combinations using both addition and subtraction. Moreover, the required combination changes from 3 to 15 with each game turn in the increments of one. This constant change of game provisions stimulates the raccoons to think super-fast and makes the game exciting and intense in a good way.

    All our cards have original illustrations, and we put much time and effort into their design. The game set includes 35 cards made of thick cardboard. You can play wherever and whenever you like – if the cards get dirty, you can easily clean them with a moist tissue.

    Another game to develop addition and subtraction skills is Numberloor. This beautiful and captivating game will help your child to master the process of mental count.

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  • Object of the game

    Be the first to find the sum of fruit from two cards that equals 10, call it and take the cards!

    You must find two or more fruit from two cards that make exactly a total of 10. It can be one fruit from one card and from another, two fruit from one card and one from another, and so forth (Note: You may not add fruit from the same card  – at least one of the fruit must be from a different card).

    Moreover, fruit from both cards must be of the same type (i.e. two bananas, three strawberries, etc.) or of the same colour (two green fruits, four blue fruits, etc.). If you find the sum of 10, call it out, and if necessary explain how you made the sum.

    For example, if you make the sum of 10 by matching fruit of the same type, you must call out  “Strawberry 10!” or “Pear 10!” If  the sum is made by matching fruits of the same colour, you must call “Green 10!” or “Red 10!”

    Figure 1: The sum is made up by matching two red fruits with numbers 4 and 6. In this case, the red fruit with number 7 is not counted towards the sum of 10.

    The sum of 10 can be made by matching two or more fruit of the same type.

    Playing the game

    Each player is dealt one card face down. The rest of the deck is placed face-up in the center of the table.

    When the dealer says “Start!”, players turn over their cards and try to make the sum of 10 matching fruit from their cards and the card in the center.

    As soon as you find the sum of 10, call it out and explain, if necessary. After that, you take the card from the center pile and place it over your card.

    The center pile has a new top card now, and all players once again try to quickly find the sum of 10. The game continues until all the cards are played. The player with the most cards wins the game.

    Playing with Younger Children

    You can play Frui10 even with children who are still learning numbers and haven't mastered the skill of addition. Is this case, rather than trying to find the sum of 10, children need to find pairs of the same type or colour of fruit with the same number.

    The player who finds a match, calls it out and shows the fruit and number, for example, “Purple 4!” or “Pineapple 1!”

    For the basic game of Frui10 rules can also be simplified. Each player is dealt two cards from the pile. The players have to find the sum of 10 on their own two cards. When the player finds the sum of 10, he should call it out and show to the dealer. The dealer then deals two new cards to the player.  The player with the most cards at the end wins!


    In this version of the game, the target number increases with every round. Players start with the target sum of 3, next round is 4, 5, 6 and so on, till they reach 15. At this stage, the game ends, and the player with the most cards wins.

    Alternatively, the game can continue with the target sum decreasing back to 3 (i.e. 15, 14, 13 and so forth, until 3 is reached). This version of the game is called “Three-fifteen and three again!”

    The important difference of this version is that the target sum can be achieved not only by adding, but also by subtracting numbers. For example, 3 can be made using 5 and 2 (because 5-2=3).


    In this version of the game, the players aren’t looking for the sum of 10, instead racing to call the colour of the fruit with the highest sum.

    Rules of the  “Maximum” game are really simple.

    • Two top cards from the pile are placed face up on the table (game can be simplified by opening only one card; or made more difficult by opening three cards).
    • The players look for the fruit or colour with numbers that will produce the highest sum.
    • Each player tries to find the highest sum combo as quick as possible (each player has only one try!).
    • Each player must call out their version and show the greatest sum. You can "pass" your turn, if you think the greatest sum has already been called out.
    • The player who calls the greatest sum correctly collects the open cards.
  • Frui10

    Het lijkt wel dat de letter ’t’ vergeten is in de naam van dit spel, maar dan zou de woordspeling niet meer kloppen. Fui10 is een wiskundig spel voor de kleinere spelers.

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