Packing your luggage is never an easy task! In this educational game, kids try to 'pack' as many items as possible into the 'suitcases' of various shapes. With a few variants of game rules, you can adjust the difficulty to suit your kid's age. 

'Quackage' is a great way to develop your kid's spatial thinking and creativity (to say nothing about the packing skills).

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From simple spatial problems to foundations of geometry

Quackage can be played with kids 4 years and older. The game has three versions of rules where you'll be facing two levels of difficulty: for kids 4+ and 6+. First two versions of the game are cooperative, without any competition: the players have to collaborate to achieve the common result. The third version is competitive and introduces the excitement of  the contest into the game process. In the course of the play the kids constantly investigate different alternatives for packing different objects, comparing their sizes and looking for methods of arrangement. This creates important prerequisites for mastering geometry at school.

Let’s compete in suitcase packing!

The basic version of the rules is called “Everything fits” and can be played by kids 6+: it is easy but exciting.

Objective: pack as many things as possible into suitcases.

  1. All of the suitcases are arranged in a circle in the middle of the table. Inside the circle, piles of 4 things each are placed. The game token is placed on any suitcase.

  2. The players roll the dice in turns, moving the game token among the suitcases. Wherever the token stops, the player takes the suitcase. The next player starts from the place where the previous one stopped. Moving in this way, the players each collect 3 suitcases. 

  3. The players take turns. The youngest player goes first. They place the token on any pile with things, throw the dice and move among the piles. Wherever the token stops, the player takes any one thing from the pile and packs it into their suitcase. The next player rolls the dice and begins to count steps from the pile where the previous player stopped. 

  4. The players continue to collect the objects until they can pack them in their suitcases. The player has to pack all of the collected things until it’s their turn to go again. If the player fails to do this, they have to leave the game. 

  5. Once every player drops out of the game, everyone counts their packed things. Whoever has the most, wins.