Match and Catch

Match and Catch

If your kid is just a beginner in the world of reading, 'Match and Catch' is a great support in reading their first words. For older kids, it's also an effective way to improve their reading speed in a fun and fast-paced game.
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A fun game with English words

Want to know a fast way to learn to read in English?  Play the reading game from The Brainy Band!

Knowing letters is not enough to read! By playing Match and Catch, the kids will learn to put letters into words in a fun and easy way: whoever reads the fastest, gets the most tokens. The game is designed in such a way that the process automatically induces children to read and do it faster and faster.

To start the game, just open the box, place the tokens on the table and try to collect the most of these two-sided cards. The kids like to play, studying the brightly-coloured pictures and winning tokens. The game is great to take on the road, for vacation or to visit friends — wherever you are, prepare for some fun!

The game helps to develop the skill of reading English words. It will awaken children’s interest in the new language and new words. Why do brothers and sisters like 'Match and Catch'? Simple rules and interesting game mechanics draw everyone in from the very first round!

Lots of game versions

The game set contains 96 tokens. On one side of the token are three brightly-coloured pictures, on the other — a word. The tokens are colour-coded into two play sets: the words in the blue one are shorter than in the red one. There are three sets of rules. In the simplest one, there’s no need to read as the players race each other to find identical pictures, practicing attentiveness and concentration. The second set of rules requires the players to read the word and search the playing area to find the token with a corresponding picture. The hardest way to play is when the playing area is covered with tokens with words written on them, and the players have to snatch the right tokens, which correspond to their own picture cards - you need to be both smat and lucky to win this one!


  • 96 game tokens,
  • illustrated game rules.