Pet Five

Practice basic math with kittens, chicken and cute puppies

The player’s main objective is to find the card with the required number of pets. In the more complicated version of rules, the players race each other! This means that the child has to count the animals and quickly find the required card. With time, the kids learn to determine the number of animals by sight, and there’s no need to count them every time. 

The box contains:

  • 30 thick laminated cards,

  • 3 dice,

  • illustrated rules.


Easy rules for easy count

The cards are placed on the table face side up (9 cards when playing 'up to three' and 15 when playing 'up to five'). You will also need the dice with animals and the dice with numbers.

  1. The player rolls two dices. They will determine the animals that have to be on the card and their number.

  2. When the correct card is found, the player puts it in the common pile. The turn moves to the next player.

  3. If there are no more cards on the table that fit the conditions on the dice, the turn goes to the next player.

  4. The game ends when 3 cards remain on the table.

This is a team game so everyone is considered a winner. But there’s a more complicated version when the players race each other to find the little animals that make you smile again and again :)