GameMetrix Master

This is a set of additional cards for the basic GameMetrix game. Use them to make this game even more interesting, varied, and challenging.

GameMetrix Master includes new Figure cards and Attributes cards. The Figure cards can be added all at once, but we recommend introducing the new Attributes cards gradually. The cards are marked with tags (from one to three) in the lower right hand corner to denote their level of difficulty. The new set includes geometry concepts studied in middle school, so we recommend it for children 10 years and older.

The expanded set also includes a number of Special cards, such as 'Replace all figures!', 'Take new ones!', 'Take two!' Thanks to them the game has more risks and surprises. Another novelty are the Figure cards with dashed lines, which denote secondary construction (bisectors, medians, diagonal lines). They facilitate the expansion of conceptual framework of geometry and the deeper study of figure properties. Just like in the basic game, GameMextrix Master includes a description of all the used geometrical terms, while the transparent angle protractor with a ruler help resolve the disputes in a peaceful and scientific fashion.


  • 32 figure cards,
  • 33 attributes cards,
  • 7 action cards,
  • Protractor card,
  • Illustrated rules.