Let the games begin!

This is a simple and exciting board game, and its rules are easy to grasp. Gambling and taking risks are important elements of GameMetrix, but the risks should be calculated and decisions well-weighed. Children quickly engage with the game process, and learn the basics of geometry in the first hours of playing.

No need to cram

It's amazing how enthusiastically kids learn the mundane subject of geometry by this game! Playing GameMetrix, kids master complex concepts in a laid-back manner and improve their logical and combinatory thinking skills. After several games, geometric concepts will become second nature to your child, who will find assigned figure attributes and compare figures with ease.

Shall we kick it up a notch? Playing first games with beginners, we recommend using the one-dot cards. By gradually adding the two-dot and three-dot cards, you will arouse new interest in the game and facilitate deep learning. As a result, your child will naturally master geometrical concepts within elementary school curriculum and beyond.

How to play

The object of the whole game as well as each separate move is to collect as many cards as possible. There are cards with geometric figures and cards with various figure attributes (for example 'Two acute angles' or 'Not all sides are equal'). Five Figure cards are laid out on the playing field. During his turn, a player starts taking Attribute cards one by one from the deck. He can continue to take the Attribute cards as long as they describe at least one of the Figure cards laid out on the table. The more cards the player collects, the harder it will be to match the attributes to figures, but the chances of winning are also greater.

GameMetrix has an expanded set of cards – GameMetrix Master. Geometry experts will be happy to get a hold of this supplement. If you want to buy both games at once, we have a special offer with a game bag as a gift!


  • 36 shape cards,
  • 36 attributes cards,
  • Protractor card,
  • Illustrated rules.