Perception of time is a difficult skill that children may need a few months to fully develop.

  • What is half an hour?
  • Is five minutes a lot?
  • Why is an hour split into 60 minutes?

All of these questions require understanding and the habit of correlating clock-hand movements with the flow of day and night. This game from The Brainy Band will help children determine the time on the clock face, figure out the relation between hours and minutes, and learn the notions of time and duration of activities (and perhaps why time runs so quickly when you're watching online videos :)

Time flies fast when you play chronoflight!

By performing different fun tasks, the players will move around the game board designed in the form of a clock face. The players' objective is to do as much as possible during the game while preventing others from completing their activities and moving forward. Are you in the mood for the flight?

Set includes:

  • 84 cards
  • Game board
  • 2 tokens
  • Illustrated rules