Board game «Zoolphabet English»

We’ve made learning the English alphabet easy! The new Zoolphabet game will help your children to easily memorize the letters and start reading their first English words.

  • 5+ 8+
  • 10-20 min
  • 2-5 players
  • 180x115x30 mm, 240 gr
  • Reading, Letters
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  • Welcome to the Zoolphabet

    If your child is already studying English, this game will become an excellent supplement to the language practice. Playing Zoolphabet, children name and memorize letters as well as practice to spell new words correctly. Both the children and adults adore the cute little animals, so the cards motivate the players to learn English letters and work on their pronunciation.

    The game method is quite simple: spelling the names of animals with the letters scattered on the table, players memorize their visual images and learn their names as well. You don’t really need to know English to start playing Zoolphabet.

    There are several versions of rules for players with different levels of language proficiency. Advanced players can play “Burners” or “Dummy” in English to order to expand their vocabulary.

    Zoolphabet Game

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