Board game «HurriCount Mathitude»

Challenging extension for the favorite Hurricount: double inequalities and systems of inequalities appear here!

  • 7+ 10+
  • 10–15 min
  • 2-5 players
  • 115x115x40 mm, 180 gr
  • Mathematics, Numbers, Inequality
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  • The very same Hurricount but way more difficult!

    The main idea of the Hurricount game remains the same, but due to some additions and complications Hurricount Mathitude became more exciting and smarter!

    • The original characters of Hurricount — frogs, birds, and hedgehogs — stay in the game. Although, now they scatter all over a card in most peculiar ways — you cannot count them right away.
    • Now, the hedgehogs can be next to the birds or the frogs on the same card.
    • The condition cards also got more interesting — the inequalities became more complex, double conditions have appeared.
    • Chameleon — the new character in the game — camouflages to seem to look like the rest andto notice which one must be very attentive!

    Regulate game’s difficulty level

    The set of cards of the new Hurricount is divided into three difficulty levels for the possibility of step by step study of the mathematical terms. The cards of this game can be gradually added to the basic Hurricount set or can be used as an independent game set.


    • 46 animal cards,
    • 34 rules cards,
    • illustrated game rule

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