Board game «HurriCount Mathitude»

You are looking at the supplement to one of our most popular games. HurriCount Mathitude brings counting to a brand new level!

  • 7+ 10+
  • 10–15 min
  • 2-5 players
  • 15x15x4 mm, 180 gr
  • Mathematics, Numbers, Inequality
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  • All about hedgehogs, birds and frogs

    The core principle of the HurriCount game stays the same, but due to several additions, complications and twists HurriCount Mathitude is even more exciting and intriguing!

    • All HurriCount characters including birds, frogs, and hedgehogs are still in the game. But now they scatter all over the cards in completely unexpected directions – try to count them all at once!
    • Hedgehogs, birds and frogs can be all together on the same card.
    • Rules cards are even more interesting, offering more challenging inequations and double conditions.
    • The chameleon, the game’s new character, disguises himself as other animals, and you have to be extra attentive to spot him!

    HurriCount Mathitude card set is divided into three difficulty levels to help your child gradually master mathematical concepts. You can add these cards to the HurriCount set gradually or you can use it as a standalone set. 


    • 46 animal cards,
    • 34 rules cards,
    • illustrated game rule



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