Workbook «Fold-a-pic 5-6»

Smart exercises to practice fine motor skills and develop spatial thinking and logic. 30 pages.

  • 5+
  • 274x200x6 mm, 130 gr
  • Fine motor skills, Spatial Thinking
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  • Is it really that hard to fold a sheet of paper?

    Folding a sheet of paper, you execute dozens of coordinated movements: hold the paper, begin to fold it at a certain point, press the crease edge.

    The sooner the child masters these skills, the more fun they will have with cut and paste, building paper models, and origami, and the greater their neatness when working with any materials.

    How does this help to develop spatial thinking?

    The parts of the picture are placed on the different sides of the sheet, and initially it won’t be that easy for a child to even imagine what a simple fold may bring. Gradually, the tasks become more complex, and in the more advanced workbooks, even the adults can’t always figure out a way to fold the piece of paper so that a picture appears.

    Is it difficult?

    To create a picture, three folds have to be made in the workbook. The folds have to follow the dotted line exactly, and the children have to solve a logical problem on the correct sequence of folds.

    After mastering the first picture, the child will enjoy folding the rest of the pages of their own.

    How are other workbooks different?

    In the first workbook (3-4 years), the little ones will only have to fold once. To simplify the task, the workbooks have a special dotted line on both sides of the sheet, emphasized with white and colored lines. When the child begins to fold the sheet, a hint appears on the other side: first, the white line that means «the dotted line is very close,» and then the colored one — «the dotted line is almost here.»

    In the second workbook (4-5 years), each sheet of paper has two folds, and the children will have to learn to fit the pieces exactly so that the picture appears. The pictures have a special design: their wide outlines and extended ends help to fold the picture even if the child somewhat missed the fold lines.

    In the fourth workbook (7-8 years), the kids will deal with real brain-teasers, deciding on the order and direction of up to five folds required to make the pieces come together.

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