Board game «Algoracing»

Multilevel 3D board game teaches the basics of algorithms and programming.

  • 6+ 10+
  • 30–40 min
  • 2-4 players
  • 228x228x43 mm, 395 gr
  • Programming
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  • Algoracing is an unusual and transformable 3D-race game. You can change the location of hill blocks whichever way you want — the game can have hundreds of different game fields! Complexity of the game is also easy to change, as the set includes the components for two versions.


    Automated rovers investigate the surface of uncharted planet. They are searching for life samples! To operate the rovers, the players have to create very precise algorithms. Delivering life samples to the lab won’t be easy, because the samples can be carried off by competitors!

    Set contains:

    • a double-sided game board, 
    • 5 cardboard hill blocks, 
    • 52 command cards, 
    • 4 rover shaped counters,
    • 4 lab base tokens, 
    • 20 life sample tokens, 
    • 1 algorithm starting point designator token
    • Illustrated rules

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