For our Partners


We make learning fun!

We came up with a new educational game format, and it’s been duly appreciated by our partners around the world. We invite you to become our partner right now and to make children’s learning real fun!

We believe that a game is the easiest, most natural and effective method of mastering complex ideas and developing various skills. Plus, kids really enjoying playing games.

Our games were developed during the meetings of the children’s math club. Both the kids and their parents were so excited about the games that we soon created our own publishing house to produce them.

In a matter of 4 years, we’ve sold over 350,000 game sets. Our sales are growing by 200-300% each year, we’ve translated the games into 16 languages, and successfully market them in 20 countries around the world!

«The Brainy Band games are just great. The original ideas behind each version make mathematics delightful for everyone by providing exciting puzzle solving board games with lots of fun. We only have to make more and more people aware of the games’ existence and let them enjoy playing as much as we do!» Ferenc Gergely, Managing Director, Curiocity Ltd. (Hungary)

Our partners appreciate 5 advantages of working with us:

  1. A new high-quality approach to creating educational games.
  2. A high level of design, materials, and printing.
  3. Profitable and transparent financial conditions for partners of all sizes.
  4. Active promotion and PR support.
  5. Fast, high-quality product range development.

Expand your store’s assortment with a commercially viable product available to you on favourable terms. We have a special offer for the Partnership Starter Kit with a maximum discount!

In many markets, you’ll have the advantage of being the first distributor.


Our company is located in European Union. That makes working with us simple and convenient.

We have international CE certificates for all of our games.

We always support our partners no matter where they are!

Online sales support:

  1. Video instructions
  2. Kids photographs
  3. Photographs of games
  4. Rules in PDF

Support at sales outlets:

  1. Booklets, leaflets, dispensers (POS materials)
  2. Game demo samples
  3. Personnel training

We are especially excited about partners who already sell various games, engage with early child education projects or organize various events for kids.

We are all about education, but our products are not some boring study guides, these are truly exciting and interesting games!

We are happy to welcome new partners anywhere in the world.

Join us! Become one of our first resellers in your country!