General questions

The Brainy Band games were developed by Sergey Parkhomenko, psychologist by training and business coach by profession.

He got into the field of child education after starting a developmental club for his preschooler son and his friends.

He described the club’s sessions and his approach to education in his popular blog, http://tromentano.livejournal.com (in Russian).

A multitude of interesting games and ideas were created for the club, and then The Brainy Band product line was born.

The games are printed in Estonia and Russia using high quality equipment and materials with strict quality control. The final assembly takes place in Estonia.

We have international CE certificates for all of our games.

We haven’t found any direct counterparts to our games, which is why we receive orders from all over the world.

The game mechanics components and other choices may, of course, be similar to the games published elsewhere, simply because the number of possible game mechanics is finite. Many games, for example, ask the players to search for identical images on different cards.

The uniqueness of our games lies in the efficient integration of gameplay and education.

We are constantly working on new gameplays, and a new game comes out once every three or four months. We will definitely develop games in other fields of study, but it’s hard to predict now, which ones.

Commercial operation

The most effective things to do is to train your salespeople and organize gaming events for customers at your sales outlets. Conversion rate at gaming events is often over 50%.

We also provide sample game demonstrations, leaflets with game descriptions, and other promo materials.

Another effective method of promotion is through social media, where you can organize lotteries and offer discount deals.

We are interested in working with centers like yours, and we’ll be happy to provide you with sample games and various promo materials, so that you can organize games and study sessions with our playsets. Send us a letter!

Any product line has bestsellers and regular products. But if the gap is too large, it may be because your sales personnel understands some of the products well, but can’t really tell the customers much about the other ones.

In such cases, we suggest a training session for your staff, done either in person or online.

You need to speak to your distributor or request them directly from us.

You can take the faulty game back and return it to the supplier. We will compensate the cost.

The simplest and easiest way is to conduct a training session for your staff right at the sales outlet. We have also prepared detailed video instructions for our games. These can be found on our website.

Answers to clients’ questions

Please, write us at info@thebrainyband.com, and we will be sure to send you the missing components or replace the game for another set at our expense.

Kids of the same age may vary: they have different interests, abilities, and skills.

All of our games can be made easier OR harder by changing the rules and difficulty level, which helps you adapt the game for different ages. Plus, with real game mechanics “under the hood,” the games are exciting enough even for a company of adults. Still, at the end of the day, it’s for you to decide whether your child is ready for a certain game experience.