Educational Board Games



6+ 8+
Numbers, Inequality

HurriCount is an exciting board game for ages 6 and up. Learning to count, add, and compare numbers just became as easy as one-two-three!



7+ 9+
Mathematics, Multiplication

Multibloom helps with an important task of mastering the multiplication table. It’s simple, visual, and playful. And there are no drills!


6+ 9+
Mathematics, Addition and subtraction

It takes less than a minute to explain the Frui10 rules. Despite its simple mechanism, the number of this game’s fans is growing with each day.


4+ 8+
Mathematics, Numbers, Addition and subtraction

You’ll have a hard time tearing your children away from this game even for a snack. On the other hand, you will soon discover that they’ve learned to do mental addition and subtraction.


5+ 8+
Mathematics, Multiplication

An exciting and cheerful game based on the unique method of studying multiplication.


5+ 8+
Mathematics, Numbers

Trafficars is a game that has something for everyone. What makes it so appealing both to kids and adults?


6+ 10+
Mathematics, Shares and fractions

In Splittissimo, the complicated topic of fractions is presented in a very straightforward and appetizing way. Children visually learn how division works.


4+ 6+

A terribly interesting game to practice arithmetic, logic, attentiveness, ability to concentrate and speedy reaction!


6+ 10+
Mathematics, Time

This pastime from The Brainy Band is an exciting boardgame that will introduce kids to the complicated notions of time.

Match and Catch

6+ 8+
Reading, Letters

Use this game to excite kids about learning English!

Zoolphabet English

5+ 8+
Reading, Letters

We’ve made learning the English alphabet easy! The new Zoolphabet game will help your children to easily memorize the letters and start reading their first English words.


7+ 10+
Mathematics, Geometry

Geometry can become a favourite school subject if you introduce your kids to GameMetrix.

GameMetrix Master


GameMetrix Master is a set of additional cards that make the game even more dynamic and allow your child to master a number of new geometric concepts.

HurriCount Mathitude

7+ 10+
Mathematics, Numbers, Inequality

You are looking at the supplement to one of our most popular games. HurriCount Mathitude brings counting to a brand new level!