The AR-based educating game for SberPortal by SBER

The SBER team developed a new device — the SberPortal smart-display, featuring a big screen, FXO and ultrasensitive camera. They got an idea to apply these features to kids’ edutainment using the AR-application. So, SBER inquired with this idea to us :)


To develop an educational game for the AR-kit, using the technological features of the SberPortal smart-display.


In cooperation with the SBER team, we have created an application called ‘Charmed’. This puzzle game combines the benefits of classical board games with cutting-edge digital environment features.

The application operates with the SberPortal smart-display and the special ‘Kidsar’ kit, which includes a camera angle adjusting mirror and 362 colourful cards for playing (20 of them refer to the ‘Charmed’ and the rest are for other applications).

Logic and spatial intelligence development

Players place the cards in front of the device camera and thus control the screen motion by animating the animals which have been ‘charmed’.

Follow the link and watch the video. It’s a real magic!

The mirror-fitted camera catches an image from the desktop, recognizes it, and the animal on the screen comes to life!

The application teaches kids to solve non-routine tasks and find new opportunities. These are the key skills of the future!

Two game worlds: forest and valley

We have divided all the animals by two locations, so as not to overload kids with small objects. The animals are seen so clearly on the screen, that players can even notice their blinking ;)

Tim the Forest Dwarf helps players throughout the game:

Kids get stars and awards for passing the stages. Finally, they learn to set goals and realize what they should do to reach them.

Clear instructions: even kids can handle with it

During 8 years of our activity, we have created more than 35 board games, 25 educating workbooks and 9 online courses. We have collected tons of educational methods and mastered the way of developing products that provide kids’ learning without grownups’ participation.

Maximum transparency for the customer and co-workers

‘Charmed’ is the result of the hand-in-glove work of experts, educators, game developers and technologists of The Brainy Band and SBER.

To make the progress clear and predictable for all the participants, we used the most advanced means of project visualization.

The stepwise gameplay was imaged at a special Miro board to provide SBER specialists with the up-to-date information about the product development stages.

The overall project realization took 6 months.

The Brainy Band’s mission is to change the concept of education

We create innovative educational products and work out effective methods of studying to develop the skills of the future. Our track record includes:

- 3 online courses and a functional literacy game for Yandex.Uchebnik (an educating platform by Yandex)

- 3 video courses for Megafon (a Russian mobile operator).


Partnership​ and feedback

We are happy to create new projects and find new partners from all over the world. This is your chance to become one of the first Brainy Band resellers in your country! Do you have any questions or suggestions? Just contact us at, we are open for new projects and interesting ideas!


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