About us


The Brainy Band games were made by one extraordinary dad for his son and his friends.

Sergey Parkhomenko is a psychologist by training and business coach by profession. He started working on early education when he set up a developmental club for his preschool son and his friends.

Lots of games and ideas were created for the club, and eventually The Brainy Band publishing company was born.

Why do children and their parents like these games?

  1. There’s emphasis on natural interest. Education process is easy and enjoyable.
  2. High efficiency. When a child is interested, intensity of learning is exponentially better.
  3. Lasting retention of skills. The child gradually masters new concepts and skills, comprehending the essence of every action.
  4. Ease of use. You can play the game wherever you want, whenever you have a spare minute, and studying will “take care of itself.”


Our company is located in European Union. That makes working with us simple and convenient.

You have an opportunity to add commercially lucrative product to your product range.

In 6 years, we have sold  1 000 000 games, including private sales all over the world.

“Customer capacity” is significantly higher. The games supplement each other very well.

More than 62% of customers place repeat orders and become regular customers.

We are happy to add new partners anywhere in the world. Here's your chance to become one of our first resellers in your country! Just write us at info@thebrainyband.com.